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  • Damon Salvatore’s (Un)Forgettable Love Confession

    Posted on November 12th, 2010 brenna 1 comment

    Where you able to watch The Vampire Diaries episode last week entitled “Rose”?

    Then you must know about the last 2 minute highlight of the episode that involves Damon’s hotness and Elena’s forgetfulness.

    In that 2 minute heartbreaking scene, Elena enters her room to find Damon sitting by her window, looking as tired as hell and as sad as ever.

    She tells him she’s tired and he approaches her, showing her the vervain necklace she lost while Elijah compelled her to admit to the location of Katherine and the moonstone.

    She asks for the necklace back but Damon pulls at it, saying he just needs to say something. She asks why he needs to say it with her necklace. He tells her it may be the most selfish thing he’s ever done.

    And then he said it:

    “I love you, Elena. And it is because I love you that I cannot be selfish with you and why you can’t know this. I don’t deserve you. But my brother does,” he says in the most seriously heartbreaking tone and expression that even I can’t describe.

    He kisses her forehead, “God, I wish you didn’t have to forget this,” he pauses, pushing her hair back and she looks at him with surprise and confusion in her eyes.

    “But you do,” he finishes and the camera focuses on his beautiful green eyes as it waters, brimming his eyelids until a single tear falls and his eyes grow in indication of compelling her to forget.

    Then he disappears, leaving Elena, forgetting everything that happened, and holding onto her necklace, now hanging from her neck, and wondering how it got there.

    This scene is absolutely heartbreaking. Damon, the so-known heartless guy who would just put away all his feelings, kill anyone for no particular reason at all, make fun of Stefan and every other person worth or not worth making fun of, compel and trick anyone he could, cries over his savior, the girl who gave him a second chance at life and being human.

    The scene was so perfectly crafted that I cannot help watching it over and over again. And it just never gets boring!

    Indeed, this is the best scene of all time and the Vampire Diaries just seems to get better and better every episode!

    How well Ian Somerhalder plays this part cannot be described. He is sexy, honest, bad-ass and absolutely charming as he delivers this heartbreaking confession that ultimately uncovers his character’s original bad side and reveals the humanity underneath the sarcasm and his non-feeling vampire heart.

    He portrays sad, evil Damon Salvatore who finally admits to Elena and himself that he is in fact in love with her, even though she is head over heels for his brother. What’s even sadder is that he accepts this fact, because he feels he does not deserve her and she is too good for him.

    Might this post be inspired that I’m totally hating Stefan as much as I’m in love with Damon – which is a lot and I mean – a LOT, I’m betting no one can deny that this scene was definitely the best in the episode.

    Unless you count the also, very dramatic scene after stabbing Elijah and seemingly killed him, Elena and Damon share looks which seemed to be sending messages that we can only hope we know… well, that is until Stefan steps into the picture.

    With an incredible soundtrack from Sleeperstar, I Was Wrong, the scene plays a perfect part for tears and broken hearts everywhere. Don’t we all want them together?

    Too bad, an unspoken understanding that they probably won’t end up ever has been stated, thanks to L.J’s books.

    Oh well, Ian Somerhalder aka Damon Salvatore, you are the best vampire ever – and I’m sorry, but he definitely tops whiny and sullen Edward Cullen – I didn’t mean for that to rhyme.

    Follow major, major hottie Ian Somerhalder on Twitter at http://twitter.com/iansomerhalder