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  • Solid Proof of RAMY

    Posted on August 19th, 2010 brenna No comments

    Just because of my current addiction with the Secret Life of the American Teenager (yes, I know there’s so much angst, but can you blame me for living vicariously through a show? No, you can’t!), I have decided to list down reasons why the ANTI-RAMYS should know that there is a RAMY whether or not they like it.

    Let me begin again, for those who don’t know what RAMY is – and no, it’s not food.

    RAMY means Ricky + Amy. The Secret Life of the American Teenager is a television series on ABC Family about a teenager (Amy) who gets pregnant by Ricky at band camp. She undergoes life in denial, life in angst and hate during her pregnancy and her like for Ricky turning into hate because she had to miss out on high school stuff since she’s pregnant. She had to make sacrifices, grow up and eventually accept that Ricky is the father of her baby and that she is a teen mom. Amy also had to sacrifice dating and falling for Ben while Ricky suffered with his own life as an abandoned and molested child, whilst trying to find a way not to grow up like his parents.

    In the first two seasons, Ricky and Amy had to be pulled apart because of Amy’s denial that she had anything to do with the pregnancy. Amy began to hate Ricky and Ricky had to suffer from Amy and her family’s hate towards him as well as the responsibility of becoming a father unexpectedly and at his young age.

    In the third season, things began to change between Ricky and Amy and started spurting out a lot of chemistry. Some say the feelings between them just began, others say the feelings returned. I remember seeing a post on the Secret Life Facebook page that it was so impossible to be in love with someone else one day and then just a week later, be making out with someone else. The fact is – or fine, my fact is – she wasn’t making out with someone else, she was making out with Ricky – someone who isn’t just a someone else and was NEVER just a SOMEONE else. Let’s face it – he wasn’t the someone else – he WAS the SOMEONE. Do you get me? No? Okay, never mind. Let’s move on.

    But, in my personal view, RAMY began at band camp and it had never gone away, no matter how much Amy seemed to hate him and how much they tried to keep away from each other, they always seemed to be drawn to each other no matter what.

    Here is some proof that RAMY existed long before BAMY did:

    • John
    • Amy hated Ricky – you can’t hate someone without caring about them
    • Ricky always seemed affected by whatever Amy was doing
    • Ricky was always there when Amy had troubles
    • Ricky was the only one Amy turned to whenever she had problems with Ben
    • Amy always drove Ricky crazy
    • Ricky drove Amy crazy
    • Ricky and Amy can laugh together more than Ben and Amy ever did
    • Ben and Adrian are driven crazy by the idea of RAMY because deep inside, there is a gut feeling that these two will always be drawn to each other
    • Without Amy, Ricky wouldn’t be a better person, he wouldn’t be trying to change
    • Without Ricky, Amy wouldn’t have grown up and become a better person
    • Ricky always knew how to make Amy feel better
    • Just by Amy being there, Ricky always wanted to be better for her and for John

    Whether or not the non-RAMY admit it or not, my recent marathons of seasons 1-3 have proved otherwise that RAMY did and does exist throughout all seasons of the Secret Life of the American Teenager and let’s face it. Without RAMY, there wouldn’t be any show.

    So, please, please, please, I beg of you. Stop trying to make a Ricky-Ashley love team, that is just SICK! And with Ben? Please. I think Amy deserves so much more than a guy whose knees got weak just because he saw a sonogram of his baby. He and Amy are NOT alike. Ricky was right about Ben. Ben’s a wuss. And don’t ask for another character, the show is just too full of extras already. Besides, it’s too late for a new character – you think with RAMY’s history there’s still space for another character? Sorry guys, not anymore.

    Admit it. It’s gonna be RAMY. And imma be squealing myself the moment that RAMY finally realize that there’s really nobody else but them.

    So, who’s with me?