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  • Gossip Girl Recap S04E06 Easy J

    Posted on November 10th, 2010 brenna No comments

    The episode begins with Blair dreaming about someone chasing her.

    Serena wakes up in Colin’s bed and quickly goes home.

    Nate sees Juliet in prison and still believes her excuses despite her very obvious reasons.

    Blair visits Jenny, who just arrived from Hudson for her interview with Tim Gunn and she banishes her from going out into the city. She gives her a day pass but forbids her to see anyone or go out except for her interview. She orders her minions to watch Jenny.

    Chuck makes sure Jenny goes out by stealing her portfolio and having her go to the Empire to take it back. Her interview goes bad as soon as Gunn saw the make up words on her dresses that spelled WHORE and Blair meets her outside. Chuck invites Jenny’s family to a party with Tim Gunn present, telling Dan that it’s his way of making amends.

    Serena talks to Colin but instead of turning him down like she planned, he talks her into dropping his class for a semester and they go to the party together, even if Serena skips entrance after talking to her mother. Colin tells her he’s crazy about her and Lily hears. Serena changes her mind and Colin tells her they can wait and get to know each other during the semester as teacher and student.

    Blair hears of Jenny going to the Observer Party. She goes to the party to humiliate her but things turn around when Jenny tells GG the reason why Blair hates her. Blair is humiliated and talks to Chuck. Jenny tells her that she can’t beat her and says that Blair and Chuck used to be in love and invincible but apart, they are only headed for mutual destruction.

    Nate’s father gets jumped in prison by Juliet’s brother.

    Juliet breaks up with Nate and she has some kind of relationship with Colin – a paying one.

    Best Scene:

    Blair and Chuck’s declares a truce. But as they held hands to shake on it, both feel something and Blair releases his hand almost immediately. As soon as she closes her door, she winces, as if to cry.


    Penelope’s dress is making her look fat – or is she actually plumper?

    Lily introduced herself as Lily Humphrey

    Last scene with Chuck and Blair was highly electrifying.

    Best quotes:

    “What have we here? Bed, unslept in, hair in missionary disarray and yesterday’s dress with today’s shame on it,” – Blair to Serena

    “This isn’t congress. Accomplish something!” – Blair to minions

    “If you’re here to deliver further humiliation, Dorota can sign for it,” – Blair to Chuck

    “We’re holding onto the pain, because it’s all we have left. We don’t have to. We have a choice,” – Chuck to Blair

    Serena’s such a slut. I honestly really like how she was in Season 1 when everything was so much simpler and she actually had real relationships. I don’t know why the writers are truly turning her into a sex puppet. I mean, seriously? All she’s ever been doing since episode 1 of this season is be with a different guy every week. This is why her current scenes are making me YAWN.

    This episode has me reeling about Blair and Chuck. I love how she threw off his hand the moment she felt something – you can really feel their chemistry bouncing off the scene. This is one of the reasons why I still watch the show – there’s nothing more romantic than two people who hate each other and still be in love.

    Nate is boring, I can’t believe he still hangs onto every word from Juliet. That girl is one freak away from being totaled. There are questions though, I still don’t know how Ben can text from prison and I’m still really curious about why Juliet is obsessed in some way with Serena. Although I love Katie Cassidy, she’s overstaying in Gossip Girl and her role? Not so hot.

    Definitely on the lookout for more Chair scenes.

  • Gossip Girl and its Disappointing Plot

    Posted on February 1st, 2009 brenna 4 comments

    When Gossip Girl was first introduced to me by a friend, I didn’t think it would be any good. Of course, when I saw the characters, the cool plot, the sassy quotes, the biatches and the cat fights plus the awesome wardrobe, I was taken in. I loved the show. I loved Dan and Serena, Chuck and Blair and sometimes even those non-important people (ehem..Vanessa..ehem) – and – oh – okay, Nate is totally the bomb. I mean hello? Compared to 9O21O, Gossip Girl was like reigning king of the teen drama.

    Then the couples broke up, complications and all that. I thought it was natural. Apparently, the drama has started to go on the road of O.C – well – down the dead end. Yes, everyone is going to college and all that bummer stuff. I definitely still love Blair and Chuck and I think their plot is the only one worth hanging onto in Gossip Girl right now.

    Yes, I am talking about the Serena-Dan-Lily-Rufus tandem-not-so-cute anymore. I love Lily and Rufus together, really, I think they’re the perfect couple, but come on? Are they really going to hold on to the almost-incest-thing in their family?
    It’s like Smallville once more. You know Clark and Lana Lang are perfect for each other until you realize in the future, that he’s married to Lois Lane and not Lana Lang.

    Serena and Dan may love each other but knowing this thing between their parents, is there still going to be a future for them? If there isn’t, what a bummer, the show did start with them, it’s certainly going to end when they do. If there is, hello? -ew?

    I love Rufus and Lily, really, but unless one of Serena and Dan is adopted, or another stupid twist to turn the plot around, there’s absolutely no more hope for their once lived fantastic romance that started the whole Gossip Girl craze.

    I’m kind of losing hope for Gossip Girl. Good thing Blair and Chuck are still there or I would have swallowed my opinions and started watching skinny Annie in 9O21O.

    I just hope they do something about it. I love the original sassy cast and plot. They have to find something to get it back on track. Or it’s going to go down the hill just like OC on its third season – and yes – that’s not a good sign.