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  • FNL S02E03 Are you ready for Friday night?

    Posted on November 5th, 2010 brenna No comments

    Landry and Tyra wake up together in bed, Tyra practically running away from him as soon as they were conscious. He and Tyra go to a shop to look for a lookalike watch. Landry’s father goes to see Tyra at her work. She visits Landry in his room.

    Tim Riggins wakes up, his hot bod on the show and he sees his brother macking on his ex-girlfriend. Later on, after a fight with Lyla, he goes to her church. He goes to her late at night and makes a revelation to her that eventually turns bad when he kisses her.

    Coach Taylor is now Coach Judas after leaving Dillon Panthers. He is shocked when Matt tells him he and Julie broke up. He returns from TMU just in time to watch a Panthers game.

    Coach McGregor is pushing Riggins too hard and he collapses on the field. Lyla visits him at the hospital.

    Jason Street has his hopes up with a stem cell surgery. He goes to Riggins to talk to him about his behavior on the field. McGregor calls him a mascot on the field. He leaves the team and tells Riggins he’s going to Mexico for the surgery.

    Smash is being really boastful especially after being named captain, pissing off a lot of his teammates including Matt. Tension is still between him and Smash even during work. The tension heats up on the field and Matt attacks Smash.

    Tensions build up between Julie and Tami, resulting probably after the effects of a newborn in the house. Julie spends time with Swede and she’s swallowed into a world of smoking and beers. She makes out with him in front of her house and Tami sees and she runs out of the house to pull Julie out of the van. After some shouting and a very fierce “Go to hell!” from Julie, Tami slaps her.

    Matt thinks Carlotta was supposed to help him too, but she refuses to help him out. Carlotta helps him with his shoulders after the fight on the field. They have a really insightful conversation when she sings to him.

    Really, this thing with Jason Street is kind of sad. I do wish he had a second chance though, like a chance to walk again or something, however cliché that would make the show.

    The episode ends with Coach Eric Taylor and Buddy Garrity having a chat.

    Just for the record, I don’t like Carlotta. I didn’t like her in One Tree Hill, I don’t like her here either.

  • FNL S02E01 Last Days of Summer

    Posted on November 4th, 2010 brenna No comments

    Friday Night Lights Season 2 starts confusingly. Julie is flirting with another guy at the pool, while shy Matt just watches (seriously, I wanted to strangle Matt, I mean, who would let their girlfriends do that?) from across the pool. Tami Taylor is also at the pool, all pregnant. She gets inside the pool, after arguing with Julie about embarrassing her and punishing her and all the teen crap we all get from One Tree Hill, and Tami responds saying her water broke.

    Coach Taylor comes home from TMU to welcome his new baby girl home.

    Landry and Tyra are friends now and Landry’s still got the hots for Tyra.

    Julie is trying too hard to grow up too fast by pretending she’s been to a bar and agrees to come and see “Swede” with his band.

    Julie’s being a bitch again, to her father this time, and she’s making sure he knows that everything’s changed since he left. She sees Matt at a store and he invites her to a party to which she denies at first and then says she’ll try – a promise she eventually does not make because she chooses to see “Swede’s” band. After seeing the band, she realizes Swede has a girlfriend and has to call her father to pick her up.

    Lyla Garrity is into Christianity now and she’s more involved in church now, after being baptized. She uses praying to get to her mom’s new date.

    Tim Riggins tries to flirt with her, saying she’s still the best he’s ever had after saying he had a threesome with some twins. Riggins walks away from a practice and vomits after a row of exercises to which Jason becomes worried.

    Coach Taylor receives a call that he has to go back to TMU. This separation is causing a lot of tension between his family and him and Tami. Before he goes, he awards the team with their state championship rings to which it shows Matt becoming increasingly annoyed with Smash.

    My highlight of this episode though, was when Tyra sees her attacker again and he’s following her, so she appoints Landry’s help to protect her and make sure her house is safe leading to both of them hanging out at her house. Her attacker follows them to a grocery store and while Landry was inside buying food, he attacks Tyra again. Landry finds them just in time and they get into a fight. While the attacker walks away after threatening them, Landry grabs a bat and hits him twice, on the head – killing him. He and Tyra throw the body in a river to cover their actions.

    So, I’m kind of bombarded by the changes. You know, with Julie and Coach Taylor not being there, Street barely in the show. I do like the Tyra and Landry pairing up; it gives her a chance to prove that she’s not just some brainless slut after all. This Lyla thing with Christianity and all, well, I think she’s a hypocrite. Or I just never really liked her much anyway.

  • Season 1 Friday Night Lights

    Posted on November 4th, 2010 brenna 1 comment


    Matt Saracen – Zach Gilford
    Tim Riggins – Taylor Kitsch
    Jason Street – Scott Porter
    Lyla Garrity – Minka Kelly
    Julie Taylor – Aimee Teegarden
    Coach Eric Taylor – Kyle Chandler
    Tami Taylor – Connie Britton
    Tyra Collette – Adrianne Palicki
    Landry Clarke – Jesse Plemons
    Smash Williams – Gaius Charles

    It’s too bad I didn’t get to relive the whole season 1 of Friday Night Lights, I admit I’m not a sucker for football games, well, I don’t really understand it, so I can’t really enjoy it.

    I did actually enjoy the first season’s drama though, and in fact, if I only liked football, I’d probably watch the whole episode (I skip football parts).

    Friday Night Lights is a drama focused on a group of teenagers – all the cliché, the quarterback and his girlfriend and the team and football drama. Jason Street, the quarterback is injured in the first episode, paralyzing him for life. His girlfriend Lyla Garrity, sticks by him throughout his injury, but eventually, one night after being rejected by Jason, she resolves to having sex with her boyfriend’s bestfriend Tim Riggins, who falls for her.

    Matt Saracen, on the other hand, was second string quarterback and in the absence of Jason Street, has to come forward to take his place. He’s inexperienced, though, and this causes the coaches to look the other way and search for a new quarterback in Ray Tatum or Voodoo.

    Jason Street undergoes major changes as he adjusts to a superstar life to his paralyzed life, pushing everyone he loves away including Lyla, but in the end, starts seeing her again and even proposes to her until he develops feelings for another stranger and she sees him kissing her in her car.

    Brian “Smash” Williams is an overconfident, boastful running back for Dillon Panthers and he suffers through pressure in getting a college scholarship, falling into the preying hands of drugs. He also falls for Waverly, his childhood friend, who is diagnosed with bipolar depression.

    In the girls’ side, Tyra Collette, Friday Night Lights’ version of “slut”, who was involved with Tim Riggins is pissed at Lyla when she figures out that Lyla and Tim had slept together and Tim had fallen for her. At the second half of the first season, she was attacked by a man while waiting for Landry, Saracen’s geeky bestfriend, and along the way, she develops friendship with him and appoints him as her bodyguard. Julie, Coach Taylor’s daughter becomes involved with stuttering Matt and eventually, falls in love with him, even taking his side when her family was in the brink of moving 3 hours away from Dillon.

    Beyond the drama, Dillon Panthers goes through numerous games – losses and wins to get to the State Championships. At first, when led by Voodoo, they resolve not to win as a team because they don’t like his attitude, forcing Saracen to finally step his game up with the help of Jason Street. By the end of the season, the Dillon Panters need to win the State Championship, despite the fact that Coach Taylor will be leaving them the next season to coach college football – which greatly affects Saracen who has trust issues from his soldier father.

    The Dillon Panthers win State, Coach Taylor moves to his new job while Julie and Tami Taylor stay behind in Dillon to await Coach Taylor and Tami’s new baby.

    I really like this series. Mainly because the drama is juicy and there are really a lot of good couples on the show as well as great characters. Admit it, no one likes a TV show without drama and if you want sore hard, drama, this is your forte. Friday Night Lights delivers soupful of drama for you to engorge yourself in.

    Why you should watch:

    • Juicy Plotlines – broken backs, drunken football players, switching football coaches, Jesus worshipper, football, cheerleaders – its Gossip Girl plus the OC plus One Tree Hill (well, except without hundred dollar dresses or crazy fathers)
    • Matt Saracen – that geeky quarterback thing he’s got going – it’s hot. And I kind really like him as he is. You’ll be pissed off because he’s really shy and he can be so gullible at times and easy to push around, but in the end he pulls it together. Besides, I really like Zach Gilford and he’s the reason why I started watching Friday Night Lights in the first place.
    • Matt Saracen and Julie Taylor – Matt’s a really nice guy, he’s the geeky one but jock that I’ve never heard of so him being with the coach’s daughter was a good plot move.
    • Jason Street – aside from the fact that he’s really good looking, you watch Jason Street be a jock to being no one which is one of the hardest thing anyone would ever have to go through. You’ll end up pitying him and then cheering him and wanting to go through his experiences with him and in the end of it all, he’s still a champ – even without his legs.
    • Lyla Garrity – although I hate her Barbie doll character, she’s strong, she’s really strong and she’s a total babe and to have suffered her boyfriend’s accident and the humiliation from everyone else when they found out about her affair with Tim – she’s what everyone wants to be – strong and beautiful.
    • Tim Riggins – he’s so HOT. I mean, that body! He was in the Covenant and he’s got one of the hottest bodies ever. Since the show is about football and Riggins plays a guy who’s always half drunk, you’ll always get to see Riggins without his shirt. And its definitely a turn-on. Even if he’s such a tool.

    Why not?

    • Well, the fact that the show is already up to its 4th season means you need a lot of catching up to do. If you’re up for some homework, go on ahead though.
    • I also don’t really appreciate too much of football. I don’t get it, maybe someday I will, but at the moment, I’m not really into it yet.
    • Yelling. There are scenes when the shouting just hurts my ears. For example Julie vs. Tami Taylor – that really hurt my ears. Maybe it was my volume, or maybe it’s the fact that Julie’s overspoiled and can’t really see the fact that maybe she should listen to her mother at least when she can hear her above her own voice.
    • So there’s drama. Maybe there’s a lot, maybe there’s too much. Friday Night Lights has juicy plots but sometimes, the plots become the show too much that you can barely see over the drama anymore. And it’s not always for the best. I can’t do marathons on FNL mainly because the drama gets into me. Or maybe I’m just dramatic. You choose.

    So there you have it, while I could only do a review of Season 1, I’ll be going over Season 2 throughout it all with you. It may not be at the right time, since FNL is currently running on Season 5, but at least for all hoping fans out there, you can relive the experience with me.

  • FNL S02E02 Bad Ideas

    Posted on October 30th, 2010 brenna No comments

    Tami is stressed with Baby Grace and calls Coach Taylor for help. Taylor is assigned to bring a team member who has accepted a bribe, to court. Tami resolves to calling a friend, Glen for help. After taking Grace for a walk though, Glen tries to talk to her and Tami takes it hard. Glen is there for her when Tami takes Grace to the hospital.

    Landry realizes he lost his watch when he threw the body into the river. This causes tension between him and Tyra. He admits he’s in love with her which takes her by shock, even if everyone with feelings in the world would’ve known that already.

    Matt is still hung up on Julie who is clearly brainwashed into not wanting him anymore or to dealing with her situation away from him. He meets Carlotta Alonso, his grandmother’s caregiver. He calls Julie upon what she said the last episode to call her. She doesn’t answer. Carlotta makes changes with Matt’s grandmother and at home.

    Lyla Garrity is still into her Christianity and does a speech in the cafeteria, though distracted as soon as Riggins comes into the room. Riggins is having problems at practice and Landry’s not doing so well either. New Coach McGregor is really tough. Buddy Garrity gets drunk at the pep rally, embarrassing Lyla.

    Jason Street feels an improvement in his hands but he gets his hopes up too fast. He talks to Tami, saying he thinks he could walk again.

    Julie tries to avoid Swede when she picks up her paycheck but he sees her and they talk, with him making her feel like a kid. She sees him again before the Panther Pep Rally and he agrees to take her to the event. She kisses him. At the pep rally, to which she arrives to a pissed off Matt, she breaks up with him and he walks away from her.

    There was some scenes with Coach Taylor and his team but I wasn’t much interested. Besides, they weren’t going to be part of FNL soon anyway.

    At the end of the episode, still my highlight of this episode, Tyra breaks down in front of Landry and they cry together – which is kind of weird and sweet at the same time. They start kissing.

    So, first and foremost, I just want to say that I’m really hating Julie’s attitude. She’s being such a dick to Matt who doesn’t need someone to push him around some more. In the first season, we see where Matt comes from – his soldier father who left them and even if he tried to stay behind for Matt’s sake, he couldn’t because it wasn’t what he loved; to taking care of his grandmother and being such a sweetheart to her – Matt’s this really, really great guy and even if I’m being a hypocrite saying that he’s a guy everyone wants (no one likes a guy too good), he deserves better than to be cheated on. Can you believe it, Julie kissed Swede a few minutes just before she broke up with Matt!

    So, maybe I’m biased. I’m totally Team Matt. Sue me.