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  • Babe for the Day: Kelli Giddish

    Posted on November 12th, 2010 brenna No comments

    Have you ever seen a show where one person is SO bad-ass you actually start envying her for her role?

    Well, when it comes to chasing the weirdest freakshows, jumping off terraces and on mass shooters while they restock their guns or spotting a kevlar beneath one’s shirt and shooting at the right time to keep him down, jumping off helicopters and onto an overspeeding truck, jumping onto an aircraft bound for take off and even after being almost bombed her life out, she still manages to figure out a bomber’s real problem, Chase main star, Annie Frost is one hell of a bad-ass.

    Although she may have daddy issues, she is one hell of a girl to watch out for!

    Beautiful, sexy as hell and the fact that she can probably kick your ass with her eyes closed, this babe is definitely my reason to watch the new police drama TV series, Chase.

    Feast your eyes onto this gorgeous bad-ass babe who is quite known for her very, very, very determined and skillful ways to chasing a fugitive.

    Annie Frost is played by Kelli Giddish.