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  • Season 1 – 90210

    Posted on August 7th, 2009 brenna No comments

    This is the spin off of Beverly Hills 90210, apparently that was created many years ago. I’ve watched most of the episodes already available and I can only say one thing: this show sucks. Maybe I’m being mean. But it really does. Let me tell you why:

    1. The plot SUCKS! It’s predictable, not interesting at all. There are even some scenes that seems so familiar like they’ve been copied off another show. The scene with the baby? Hello? Baby-sitters club? What about the whole episode with Kimberley and her drug case? I’ve seen those episodes before. Boston Public I think it was and One Tree Hill. Maybe I liked them in those shows. But they don’t have to copy the whole plot. They should have just kept the original actors from whatever movie/show they got that from. So lame.
    2. The actors and actresses are total amateurs except for just a few. Most of them don’t even match their characters in the plot.
    3. Let’s start with the Wilsons, shall we? Dixon. Who was he again? I don’t even remember him. That’s how unnoticeable he is. He doesn’t know how to act nor does his character have any big deals on 90210.
    4. Naomi Clark. Or Annalynne McCord has a good character in the show. Honestly, she has one of the best characters to play in the show. The question is: is she fit for it? She doesn’t even strike me as beautiful. Every time I see her nose grow bigger when she’s hurt or starts to cry I feel like throwing the television. Maybe she could have done a better job. She probably should start kicking it out, because the show would bomb without her character. She can NEVER, I repeat, NEVER be compared or even BE Blair Waldorf. Her character’s just a psychopathic bitch who lacks attention.
    5. Dustin Milligan aka Ethan Ward is undoubtedly hot. He’s got the looks, yet he doesn’t play his character well. How stupid is his character anyway? Men like that don’t deserve to be dated! Seriously, secret dating? He should get expelled or something. Or be killed off the show. Seriously.
    6. Jessica Stroup aka Erin Silver had an interesting character in the first episode. Then wham! That girl was gone. Yeah, she had major deals about her mom and all that. Then it was all gone. I had a first impression that her character was a strong, independent person. Now she’s just the character.
    7. No comment much about the parents. Stupid plots around them Tracy’s a w*ore, Harry’s a principal-parent kind of guy with a w*oring background with a kid, Tabitha’s a grandmother feeling kid type, Charles Clark is the worst father ever (and actor), Gayle doesn’t even deserve to be on this show, how in the word could she even face Naomi? Kimberley is non-existent.
    8. Navid is in this list only because he left Adrianne when she was pregnant. What an assh*le.
    9. I saved the best for last. Shenae Grimes character Annie is unquestionably pretty. BUT SHE SUCKS. If I have to see her brush her hair away from her face again or smile that crooked smile of hers, I’m really going to throw the TV. She’s so annoying, that pathetic “I’m so good, I’m the principal’s daughter” character should be killed off. Her character is LAME. She’s so thin I can see her bones in her clavicle. I bet you can play the guitar on her ribs. Whenever they say she looks hot or the episode that Ethan checked out her ass, I feel like puking. Okay, maybe she looks hot from head to upper neck. But aside from that, she’s as thin as a BROOMSTICK. Eat something girl, she looks like such a malnourished girl. She’s the only actress on this show that actually looks 15. Ethan looks like he’s hogging an underage kid when they’re kissing.

    Characters that should be killed off:

    1. Ethan Ward, what an assh*le! His character should die. I’m mean. So what? He doesn’t deserve the spotlight on him.
    2. Kelly Taylor, although if I thought about her son maybe I could write her off here. Her character is lame.
    3. Charles Clark is the worst father in the all time shows. Yet, he doesn’t deserve credit for it. Dan in One Tree Hill is another story, the guy, bags a plot around him. This Charles, is just a selfish, unforgiveable sick man that happened to be Naomi’s father.
    4. Annie Wilson, she already looks like a skeleton. Is there any difference if she died?

    Okay, I’ve been mean enough. How about some perks? Yes, genius, there are perks in this show. Yey!

    1. Adrianna Duncan, or Jessica Lowndes is such a beautiful girl. You’ll enjoy watching this show just by looking at her. She’s also a good actress by the way and she plays her character, which by the way is the only one aside from Naomi’s that’s worth saving. She sings really well and she’s one hell of a character to play a drunkard. I thought she and Navid made a good couple though. But Navid’s an ass.
    2. Adam Gregory is HOT.
    3. Jessica Stroup’s eyes. Gorgeous eyes.
    4. …oh! And of course, Beverly Hills! Although they don’t show much of it.

    I also don’t think the fact that 15 year olds should be allowed into clubs. At least not yet. Plus they get to drink? Okay, I was drinking early in my years too, but, come on? Portraying that in a TV show many teens watch isn’t going to help the teens stop drinking/having sex at such an early age.

    I really don’t like this show. But it’s for you to decide. I’m not satisfied with it and I don’t think I’m going to change my opinion for a while.