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  • Henry Dies in Grey’s Anatomy – A Recap of Dark Was The Night

    Posted on November 12th, 2011 brenna No comments

    In this super haunting finale of Grey’s Anatomy for this year, the show gives another shocking end that reminded me of their blockbuster finale last season.

    Meredith and Derek lose Zola in the beginning of the episode.

    She and Karev have to pick up a sick, tiny baby from another hospital but end up stuck on a highway with a van full of oxygen. Both refuse to get off the ambulance despite the fact that they may die or get hit along the highway. While talking to Robbins, they get hit by something and Seattle Grace loses contact with them.

    Callie deals with the fact that she was reading a magazine while Avery was doing a major spine surgery. The spine surgery went wrong and the patient is dying because part of the screw kept cutting into her heart, thus they have to call Teddy into the OR.

    Henry is vomiting blood and he is brought in for another surgery. However, the surgery needed is not a surgery done by Dr. Webber so Owen calls Cristina to do the surgery instead, but covers Henry up to keep the pressure off.

    Teddy goes into surgery with Callie and Avery’s patient but is having a hard time. When she asks Owen about Henry, he lies.

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  • Veronica Mars – A Quick Review

    Posted on October 24th, 2011 brenna No comments

    So, I’ve been catching up to the Veronica Mars series. For those who don’t know, Veronica Mars stars the cutie pie Kristen Bell as high school private investigator Veronica Mars who works with her father solving mysteries that began with the death of her best friend Lilly Kane. The story revolves around many plot lines, from season 1 to season 3 with her love story from the golden boy Duncan Kane to the bad boy Logan Echolls, her rape at a party and discovering her real rapist in season 2. It’s been a long journey for her and I haven’t even seen season 3 yet. However, there’s one question I’d really like to ask for all fans of VM.


    Why Logan?


    Why Logan and not Duncan? I don’t know but I’m not catching the Logan fever. I don’t think they have chemistry and I really hate the way Logan twitches and acts – he looks like Robert Pattinson every time he goes on stage – half drunk, half drugged and has no idea what he’s doing. Jason Dohring plays a boring representation of Logan Echolls with a monotonous tone and facial expression that I can’t help wondering how fans chose him over Duncan. Not that Duncan was so much better, but I thought he had more connection with VM than Logan did. By the way, the baby plot line on Duncan and Meg’s baby – familiar but I wasn’t sure which TV show had that plot line first – was it One Tree Hill or VM?


    Whatever. I still don’t get why it had to be Logan. There’s rarely any show that I don’t agree with the ending leading man – except for the Vampire Diaries (totally team Damon!) but it hasn’t ended yet, although I’m not hoping too much. Gilmore Girls ended without any leading men (was okay with that), Wildfire finished with Junior (yey!), Roswell with Liz and Max of course, One Tree Hill with Peyton and Lucas (although I did hope Chase would end up with Mia instead of Alex), Make it Or Break it with Kaylie and Austin and hopefully Hart of Dixie will go along with Zade or Zoe and Wade love team. So, aside from Life Unexpected (I had rooted for Ryan), Veronica Mars is one of the only upsets I have with the ending leading man. At least, in LU, I was okay with the runner up. I really don’t think Jason Dohring brought a lot into the character aside from his increasingly irritating monotonous voice and facial expressions.

  • My Hart of Dixie Addiction

    Posted on October 21st, 2011 brenna No comments

    I’ve been watching a lot of new shows lately, including Secret Circle, Revenge and Ringer and the Lying Game – that have all the same dark plot and theme. Out of all the new shows, there was one that refreshingly reminded me of good old shows like One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls and the OC.

    Hart of Dixie

    Hart of Dixie stars OC alumni cutie Rachel Bilson, uber sexy Wilson Bethel and homeboy Scott Porter with a very simple plot line of a New Yorker coming into a countryside lifestyle after inheriting her father’s medical clinic. The country-themed show is a ray of sunshine out of all the good but dark shows such as Supernatural and Vampire Diaries and the new but also darkly-themed shows Revenge, Ringer, the Secret Circle and the Lying Game. I realized I missed such shows where no one would rise from the dead, no one dies every episode and no heart-thumping scenes that will end up with you screaming and covering your eyes.


    Hart of Dixie is the ray of sunshine among these dark shows and I hope it continues to be that way for a few more seasons. I am totally looking forward to seeing Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and Wade (Wilson Bethel) grow into each other amidst the realization of Zoe and George (Scott Porter)’s feelings.

    Like many other country-themed shows I’ve really been into like Wildfire, I believe in the end, it’ll be Wade and Zoe even if George is Zoe’s ideal man.

    My idea of how the plot will go (or at least how I hope it’ll go): Wade and Zoe will fall in love with each other. However, Zoe won’t be able to just turn away from the idealism that George brings. She and Wade will eventually have a rift over this and she’ll get the chance to be with George. Wade will already have changed by then and he’s head over heels over her. But she can’t just keep coming back and forth to him just because he lets her. He’ll give her a choice – him or George. She’ll pick George because he’s ideal for her and Wade will go off nursing his broken heart. Soon enough though, Zoe will realize that Wade had changed her from the person she was in New York to a spontaneous person and adventurous person she is when she is with Wade. She’ll go back to him, realizing she’s truly fallen for Wade but Wade will be temporarily unavailable.

    In the end, it’ll always be Wade and Zoe.

    Yep. My idea of the plot. Wade+Zoe for the win! I know my plot seems a little Wildfire-like but so what? At least my bet love team won.

  • Moymoy Palaboy vs BBG Moymoy Palaboy?

    Posted on September 23rd, 2011 brenna No comments

    I’ve always thought Moymoy Palaboy was funny – even when they weren’t famous yet, I’ve watched their old videos. Watching from their new videos via Bubble Gang, they’re not that funny anymore – well at least, according to me. From their un-trying hard videos on Youtube to the pressure of being funny on Bubble Gang – they’ve gone from being actually funny to overacting. :(


    One of their best and first videos:



    I can’t find a recent video of Moymoy Palaboy but this was taken just a few months into their discovery when they were still kinda funny and just a start up in the business.
    I don’t know what happened though, I’ve been watching their recent videos and it’s not as funny as it used to be.


    Although, I do think this is kinda cute especially with Rhian Ramos making really adorable faces.


    What do you think? Are Moymoy Palaboy still as funny? Or are they losing touch?