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  • On Demi Lovato’s Rehab

    Posted on November 7th, 2010 brenna 1 comment

    It’s not that I’m taking her side because she’s a girl.

    I’m taking her side because Joe Jonas is acting like a total dick. He says Demi Lovato was his best friend, that he loves her and all that. But if he did, why doesn’t he seem to give a shit about her feelings? First and foremost, if you value a friendship, you think about their feelings. You know the risks in going into a relationship and you take this factor into consideration before each action. You do what you can to preserve a relationship, even though you know that that relationship is already dead, because you believe that a friendship can be restored after a broken heart. It’s human nature.

    So why, why, why does it seem like he doesn’t care at all?

    Why would he let pictures of him and Ashley go out into the public? Why would he not protect her from the press? I know he can’t control his feelings or hormones or whatever, but I would’ve thought that a “friendship” they said was so strong would be reason enough to do something to make things easier for Demi Lovato – after all, he was the one who started off brand new with someone else right in public eye. Surely, he could’ve kept things a secret like he did Taylor Swift when they hardly had pictures together. And now he’s just everywhere with his other girl. I don’t have anything against Ashley, I really don’t, I actually think she’s the only one worth watching in Twilight. Why couldn’t he have kept things private for some time, at least until sufficient healing process has been done?

    I guess we can’t expect so much from some guys right? Jerk.

    I do think that he could’ve made some move to make things easier for Demi. I mean really? Does he really have to push his relationship on her? I’m not dumb, maybe she says she’s okay without him, but for friendship – turned relationship – turned inhumane interaction probably hurts. And to have to reminisce that every single day is really hard.

    I don’t pity Demi Lovato because she put herself into rehab, I salute her for it because she had the courage to face her problems and put a stop to it before everything became worse. I salute her for being strong enough to admit that she has a problem.

    I also don’t believe that that asshole was the only reason for her rehab. I doubt she’s that shallow. Please. If you’re going to cry about a guy, please make the guy worthy of your tears. Joe Jonas is so not worth it. All that handsome face – no longer worth it.

    I’m sorry, I do love Nick Jonas and I do respect their music, but to lay low, “stay mature” and leave his “best friend” hanging – total dick move.