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  • Jake, Matty and Awkward

    Posted on September 23rd, 2012 brenna No comments

    I found this new addiction. I started watching Awkward because it had Ashley Rickards in it. I love Ashley since I watched her in One Tree Hill. And when the plot sounded interested, I started to download the series. I couldn’t even stopped and went through 1 season and half of 2nd season when I should be sleeping.

    You see, Awkward is about a loser type of girl, Jenna, who fell in love with a popular guy, Matty who kept a relationship with her in secret. It was adorable at first, but when the popular guy’s bestfriend, Jake also fell in love with Jenna, things were different. You see, while Matty was the playboy type, Jake had a girlfriend in season 1. He was the steady kind of guy. He was a good guy, basically, while Matty played the bad guy. Normally, I’d root for the bad guy. I usually do, because good guys are boring. Stefan (Vampire Diaries), George (Hart of Dixie), Ben (Secret Life of the American Teenager), good guys are boring. So, to my surprise, by second season, I was actually rooting for Jake, even if Matty’s smile is adorable and he has a hunky body. While Jenna obviously still has feelings for Matty and that may never go away, I do think Jake is good for her.

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