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  • To the Girl in Love With a Man Who Doesn’t Love Her

    Posted on July 4th, 2012 brenna 37 comments

    love letter


    Hey girl in love, 

    I know it’s really hard to be in love with someone who doesn’t love you back. I know how much you suffer because every time you try to move on, but then you see him again, everything comes rushing right back in. I know because every time you look into his eyes, you fall in love all over again. I know it’s hard.

    And I know it hurts.

    And I know it’s really hard to hear your friends tell you how much this person is great or not great just to make you feel better. I know how hard it must feel every time we tell you this guy is an a-hole, because deep down, you believe he’s the best guy you’ve ever known.

    I know how disappointed you are every time he comes into the room and it’s not you he looks for. But still, when he lays his eyes on you, I can feel you melting right then and there.

    I know how many times, you wonder, are you even pretty or beautiful? Because why doesn’t he love you? I know how insecure you get just because he didn’t choose you. I know how hurt you are because when it comes to him, you double think your confidence and you can’t help but believe you’re ugly.

    I can tell when you’re lying. Every time you say you’ve moved on. You’re lying because whenever we go to a restaurant where he hangs, he’s the first person you look for – even if you try not to show it.

    Every time you’re online and you’re supposed to be working. Instead, you go on Facebook, checking his page out for any updates. If that wasn’t enough, you even check out his Tumblr and Twitter too, just in case he’s posted anything that you might be able to answer. Ahh. The chance to talk to him.

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