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  • I’m Dreaming of a Blackberry Christmas…

    Posted on December 21st, 2011 brenna 4 comments

    It’s weird. I thought I saw some kind of light behind the towering Christmas tree over the darkened atmosphere of the outdoor parking lot at NAIA Terminal 3. I twisted my head sideways just to try and get a closer look. I had just come from my flight from Cebu and damn, my phone was dead. I needed to call my Dad who was coming to pick me up. What was I going to do now? I didn’t know where my Dad was, I was freaking tired and in the middle of a huge parking lot – only lit by the Christmas tree that wasn’t making me any merrier by the moment.

    I hoped I wouldn’t have to spend P300+ just for a cab ride home. I already spent over my budget for the Cebu trip. I am basically poor.

    I turned to walk back to the terminal and take my chances waiting by the arrival area. I sighed.

    Suddenly my eyes caught a glimpse of a small light beyond the Christmas tree. Was someone there? I shuddered. I’m truly paranoid when it comes to these stuff.

    I strained my neck to see.

    Nah, nobody was there. But there was definitely something there!

    I kind of felt like I was in some kind of exotic movie scene. Yaaawww! Would it be gold? Or silver? If I was in some kind of dream – would I become a millionaire? Yeaaa!

    Of course, I wouldn’t. I shook myself back to earth. It was kind of exciting, though.

    I’m on my own, in my own world and there, just beyond the beautiful, bright lit Christmas tree was something glimmering on the ground.

    I could almost hear those creepy, background suspense soundtracks that always make the hair on my arms rise.

    Would I be pleasantly surprised?

    I cringed, momentarily swinging back to my current situation. I really need to call my Dad. Even if I was able to revive my phone, I wouldn’t be able to call. I wasn’t UNLI or anything.

    Go! My mind pushed and my eyes landed on the shining item again.

    Slowly, I took a step forward. And another. And another.


    Is that a… is that a… no, it can’t be.

    I took a step forward again.

    It is!

    Right beyond the glittering Christmas tree, appearing right at the moment when I needed something free and exciting to cheer me up, right there, was a Blackberry smartphone!


    From Cameraphonesplaza.com

    From Cameraphonesplaza.com


    I looked around, just in case anyone had left it.

    Why would anyone leave such a nice phone around right?

    Finally, I forced myself to pick up the phone.

    Waaa! Such a super sleek phone! And the features. Ugh. I hate not having Facebook and Twitter on my phone! Whoever owns this phone must be lucky… and rich.

    I pushed some buttons on the phone… and had an idea.

    Fine, fine, I just had to test it.

    I dialed my Dad’s number.

    It rang! I promised to pay back whoever owns this phone, but at the moment, it saved me!

    Thank you, Blackberry Smartphone and thank you for the unlicall!


    ♫ I’m dreaming of a Blackberry Christmas ♫


    This is my entry to the Globe Kris Kringle Blog Writing Contest. Happy Christmas everyone! Sa Globe, lahat tayo konnectado. Get your way with Globe!

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