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  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – It’s OK

    Posted on November 22nd, 2011 brenna No comments

    Oops. Did I say OK? I meant KO. As in Knocked Out dead during the movie. And not in a good way!

    This is the movie series that ultimately changed my perception of my once beloved and respected book series.

    Breaking Dawn

    Where do I start?

    Was it Kristen Stewart’s monotone voice? Or Robert Pattinson’s monotone facial expression that made him seem like he’s constipated? Was it Taylor Lautner’s unsuccessful try at crying? Or Jasper’s hilariously funny one-look facial expression?

    Way to go not channeling Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with the last scene.

    Breaking Dawn was cut into two parts. This in turn, made the movie so slow, I thought I’d fall asleep in some parts. The dream wedding scene reminded me of Desperate Housewives (the scene, the dead people) and the wedding scene was quite romantic, EXCEPT for the fact that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart sounded like they were reading straight from script! Honestly, I have no idea why these two were chosen.

    Breaking Dawn


    It was sad though, that even though they stretched the story out, they weren’t able to give emphasis to the people that should’ve been given emphasis.

    Bella’s mother, Renee was like a flower in the garden, supposedly important, but nonetheless invisible. Charlie was more involved in Bella’s life in the movie. Rosalie, who was supposed to have a big role according to the book because she was the person Bella turned to, was just the person who merely stood between Jacob and Bella before he could see she was pregnant.

    Carlisle was hardly visible anymore and Esme was just so-so. Alice, whom I totally adore, was overshadowed by how awful the two main characters act. Jasper is just the funniest. He doesn’t even have to do anything.

    Out of all the painstakingly, unconvincing scenes that were played out and I had to cover my eyes from the embarrassment of having to watch, I though the best scene, was without a doubt, the scene where Bella gave birth. The scene was disgusting and Stewart does give out a horrifying scream. I think that’s her best scenes – whenever she screams. Oh, and when she lay dead, yeah, that was convincing too.

    My brother asked me if there were a lot of fighting scenes. To anyone looking for good fighting scenes – there were NONE. Please, the fight scene between the Cullens and the wolves won’t even get your heart pumping.

    However, I do praise the score for this movie. Definite PLUS especially because the scenes aren’t much to look at. The sounds will help to make you feel the emotions you’re supposed to feel while watching.

    So, my verdict would be – Breaking Dawn is definitely not cut out for non-fans of the series.

    I’m a romantic at all costs so I did think Edward’s honeymoon idea was sweet and aside from the beautiful scenery, that was it. The last scene when Bella opened her eyes was very cliché and predictable. The plot is uninteresting, the imprint idea is, now that I realize it, disgusting and there wasn’t anything entertaining in the movie besides the fact that they had such monstrous sex that they ruined a bed.

    Another thought. When the book mentioned she had some bruises on her, I didn’t think they’d be THAT small. She could’ve just fallen off the bed or Edward was just overreacting.

    Seriously. If you’re a non-fan or a non-reader, stay far, far away or you’ll just end up cursing the money you spent for a shallow movie with some of the worst actors in Hollywood. I feel so sorry for the rest of the cast that only had teensy little parts in the movie but actually know how to act.. ehem..Anna Kendrick.. ehem..

    Last, but not least, I thought the scene stealer was Boo Boo Stewart. This young guy is absolutely adorable onscreen.



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