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  • Puss in Boots – A Review

    Posted on November 15th, 2011 brenna 2 comments

    In the solo movie of the famous Puss in Boots in the Shrek movie, Antonio Banderas voices the hit lead while Salma Hayek is Kitty and Zach Gilifianakis dubs Humpty Dumpty. In his own version of his story, the tale goes back from before he met Shrek and Princess Fiona and this time, he goes on his own adventure with Kitty and his former friend Humpty Dumpty to find the beans, Jack and Jill as well as the golden eggs.

    I had no problem with the voices, Banderas did a great job with his deep voice as Puss, however it was the story that I didn’t really like. I got bored along the story and practically tuned out in some parts of the story. The movie does offer a lot of family-friendly scenes and will definitely make an enjoyable watch for young kids. The drag of the story line is obvious somewhere in the middle and even going to the climax, like in explaining Puss and Humpty’s past, their witty bantering and comedic lines weren’t enough to keep the movie interesting.

    I did find myself laughing uncontrollable in the scene where they were playing in the cloud and Humpty Dumpty suddenly appeared with a beard. It was hilarious! I also loved the part when Puss looked at the guard with those gorgeous pity-me eyes!

    The artwork in the movie is enjoyable, but nothing out of the ordinary and there are some scenes that are really sweet. Humpty Dumpty’s character will eventually piss you off and he’s really whiny so I guess that’s a positive note. The first scene in the movie was also catchy and it made it look like a real action movie.

    Puss in Boots is a good movie to watch especially with kids. However, for those looking for a relatable movie and a good laugh, this cartoon is not the one for it.



    Watching movies like Puss in Boots may just be the reason why some kids cannot sleep properly. Scary movies may add to the reason. However, sleep disorders in children are really common especially when the child has a medical problem. Parents should be alert as to why their kids have problems sleeping at night, because there may be more to it than just the latest movie they watched.


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