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  • Henry Dies in Grey’s Anatomy – A Recap of Dark Was The Night

    Posted on November 12th, 2011 brenna No comments

    In this super haunting finale of Grey’s Anatomy for this year, the show gives another shocking end that reminded me of their blockbuster finale last season.

    Meredith and Derek lose Zola in the beginning of the episode.

    She and Karev have to pick up a sick, tiny baby from another hospital but end up stuck on a highway with a van full of oxygen. Both refuse to get off the ambulance despite the fact that they may die or get hit along the highway. While talking to Robbins, they get hit by something and Seattle Grace loses contact with them.

    Callie deals with the fact that she was reading a magazine while Avery was doing a major spine surgery. The spine surgery went wrong and the patient is dying because part of the screw kept cutting into her heart, thus they have to call Teddy into the OR.

    Henry is vomiting blood and he is brought in for another surgery. However, the surgery needed is not a surgery done by Dr. Webber so Owen calls Cristina to do the surgery instead, but covers Henry up to keep the pressure off.

    Teddy goes into surgery with Callie and Avery’s patient but is having a hard time. When she asks Owen about Henry, he lies.

    Cristina goes into the surgery with Lexi and Dr. Webber. It went well, until the tumor corroded his pulmonary something and dies. Cristina has no idea it’s Henry until Owen tells her and she is devastated.

    Karev and Meredith decide to take the baby out of the ambulance only to find that the truck that hit the ambulance totaled and find themselves facing a group of people badly hurt outside.


    Okay, so let me just say this:

    I am truly devastated that Henry is dead and I can’t believe the episode ended without Teddy knowing! I love Henry! I thought it was about time Teddy had someone. I can’t believe they killed him off. So soon too. He’s super cute.

    I cannot believe they killed Henry.

    Did I write that twice? Well, it deserves to be written twice.

    It’s been awhile since I enjoyed Grey’s Anatomy. I never really liked GA in its earlier seasons but its been really interesting this season. I love Henry and aside from MerDer and Lexi and Mark, they’re one of my favorite couples.

    I can’t wait for next year. I cried when Henry died. I’ll miss him on the show.

    I’m a little tired of the Arizona and Callie team up. Seriously. I just don’t get it. Or maybe I just don’t like Arizona.

    I’m guessing this will mean a lot of changes for MerDer. They’re not that interesting anymore, but I’d rather they be like that than separated. I do hope they have a baby soon. I kind of want Meredith to get pregnant.

    This will also mean a lot of changes for Owen who lied to Teddy about Henry and who hid Henry’s identity from his own wife. All the more for Cristina who was the surgeon who operated on Henry and directly-indirectly killed him.

    I wish Mark and Lexi would make up already. It’s taking so long.

    I love-hate this episode. What about you?

    What did you think of the Dark was the Night episode?

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