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  • Congratulations Manny Pacquiao for Winning the Pacquiao-Marquez III

    Posted on November 13th, 2011 brenna No comments

    …and the crowd arose in celebration for Pacquiao’s win over Marquez!

    Pacquiao vs Marquez


    A win that usually I wouldn’t get involved in – until the comments in Facebook began to say how disappointed they were in Pacquiao or how they thought the fight was cooked up and how Marquez should’ve won. Most of my Facebook friends are Filipinos and I’m pretty sure I don’t have any Mexican friends so why isn’t everyone as psyched that he won?

    Puts people in their perspective you know. What do Filipinos really want? Did they really want Marquez to win? Why not just celebrate and get on with it, after all, they’re not the judges and I’m pretty sure not all of them know the mechanics of boxing to really decide who won.

    And then, I find myself half bit interested in Pacquiao’s fight, looking for reasons to see why everyone suddenly isn’t proud of him anymore.

    In Manny Pacquiao’s fight at the MGM Grand versus Juan Manuel Marquez, he may not be as empowering but I doubt he didn’t fight well.

    Trust me, I am not a fan of Pacquiao but I do appreciate the fight he does for the country and I definitely appreciate his win as it brings a lot of benefits to the country.

    So what did he do – or not do?

    Apparently, according to the comments of the people on Facebook, he didn’t fight as well as Marquez did. I’m guessing the judges thought differently. Some even suggested that there was mafia involved and money paid to have Pacquiao win again.

    Pacquiao versus Marquez


    I watched the game, and although I’m not a fan of him, I realize it must really take a lot of guts and energy to fight for your country. I don’t know if the fight is scripted, but I kind of thought that to say that you’re not proud of someone who’s literally fighting for you physically, is kind of too much.

    We’re not an expert in boxing and we don’t have any idea if he’s involved in anything dirty under the table, but he won and Marquez’s face was kind of red and swollen by the end of the fight so I’m guessing he was able to do some kind of damage as well.

    I kind of found myself pitying him as well, at the end of the game. It really sucks to have your face punched and bleed out only for your game to be called unfair and “luto”

    Anyway. He brings a lot of press to the country so I appreciate that. As long as he doesn’t run for president anytime soon (or please, please, please – any time at all!), I’ll completely bite my tongue when it comes to not liking him.

    Congratulations Manny Pacquiao!



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