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  • FNL S02E02 Bad Ideas

    Posted on October 30th, 2010 brenna No comments

    Tami is stressed with Baby Grace and calls Coach Taylor for help. Taylor is assigned to bring a team member who has accepted a bribe, to court. Tami resolves to calling a friend, Glen for help. After taking Grace for a walk though, Glen tries to talk to her and Tami takes it hard. Glen is there for her when Tami takes Grace to the hospital.

    Landry realizes he lost his watch when he threw the body into the river. This causes tension between him and Tyra. He admits he’s in love with her which takes her by shock, even if everyone with feelings in the world would’ve known that already.

    Matt is still hung up on Julie who is clearly brainwashed into not wanting him anymore or to dealing with her situation away from him. He meets Carlotta Alonso, his grandmother’s caregiver. He calls Julie upon what she said the last episode to call her. She doesn’t answer. Carlotta makes changes with Matt’s grandmother and at home.

    Lyla Garrity is still into her Christianity and does a speech in the cafeteria, though distracted as soon as Riggins comes into the room. Riggins is having problems at practice and Landry’s not doing so well either. New Coach McGregor is really tough. Buddy Garrity gets drunk at the pep rally, embarrassing Lyla.

    Jason Street feels an improvement in his hands but he gets his hopes up too fast. He talks to Tami, saying he thinks he could walk again.

    Julie tries to avoid Swede when she picks up her paycheck but he sees her and they talk, with him making her feel like a kid. She sees him again before the Panther Pep Rally and he agrees to take her to the event. She kisses him. At the pep rally, to which she arrives to a pissed off Matt, she breaks up with him and he walks away from her.

    There was some scenes with Coach Taylor and his team but I wasn’t much interested. Besides, they weren’t going to be part of FNL soon anyway.

    At the end of the episode, still my highlight of this episode, Tyra breaks down in front of Landry and they cry together – which is kind of weird and sweet at the same time. They start kissing.

    So, first and foremost, I just want to say that I’m really hating Julie’s attitude. She’s being such a dick to Matt who doesn’t need someone to push him around some more. In the first season, we see where Matt comes from – his soldier father who left them and even if he tried to stay behind for Matt’s sake, he couldn’t because it wasn’t what he loved; to taking care of his grandmother and being such a sweetheart to her – Matt’s this really, really great guy and even if I’m being a hypocrite saying that he’s a guy everyone wants (no one likes a guy too good), he deserves better than to be cheated on. Can you believe it, Julie kissed Swede a few minutes just before she broke up with Matt!

    So, maybe I’m biased. I’m totally Team Matt. Sue me.