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  • Couples Retreat

    Posted on February 10th, 2010 brenna No comments


    Comments: Highly enjoyable, scenery is breathtaking

    Director: Peter Billingsley


    Vince Vaughn as Dave

    Malin Ackerman as Ronnie

    Jon Favreau as Joey

    Kristin Davis as Lucy Tippaglio

    Jason Bateman as Jason

    Kristen Bell as Cynthia

    Faizon Love as Shane

    Kali Hawk as Trudy

    Tasha Smith as Jennifer

    Jean Reno plays Marcel

    Peter Serafinowicz plays Sctanley (pronounced Stanley, but with a silent C like the one in “scent”)

    This power-cast movie is about a group of couples, who are friends by nature but are bound by their differences, brought together by Jason and Cynthia, a couple on the brink of divorce due to their inability to conceive a child, to a beautiful resort – Eden, specially designed for the relaxation of couples and therapy.

    Although reluctant to be in therapy with their partners, after a happy and satisfying meal on the island, they decide to stay, figuring out that a few hours of “talking feelings” wouldn’t hurt.

    After a series of therapy, each couple – even Dave and Ronnie who seem to be a fine couple – find out that they do have marital problems. They undergo trials, have to sneak behind Marcel (the owner’s) weird methods and experienced swimming with lemon sharks as well as yoga lessons with Salvadore, a young, hot instructor.

    On the 4th night, Trudy – out of spite for Shane – sneaks to the other side of the island, Eden East – where all the singles are partying. The group agrees to go over to the other side to look for her but resulted to splitting up with Jason and Cynthia fighting and Cynthia jumping off the boat to swim to shore.

    The ladies meet Salvadore on the island; takes a swim in the hidden waterfalls and then joins the singles party.

    The men, on the other hand, find Sctanley who challenges them to Guitar Hero in exchange for his silence to Marcel and directions to the singles party. Dave wins and they make it into the party.

    Once they arrive at the party, each couple makes a revelation out of their own partners.

    Why this movie is good:

    • Gorgeous scenery. You’ll enjoy the movie because the setting is absolutely beautiful to look at.
    • Kristin Bell. This girl has got a lot of chemistry. Okay, so I have a little girl crush on her.
    • Characters. They all have this story around them and even if there were a lot of them, each part had their own screen time.
    • Comedic reactions. For a night out with friends, this may be a fun movie to enjoy.
    • Vince Vaughn. He’s not my favorite actor, but I’d say he’s a bundle of laughs in the movie.

    Why the movie got bad reviews:

    • Plot. The plot was a little bit cliché, a little too unrealistic and a bit rushed.

    Or so, this is what I think. I enjoyed the movie though. I’ve watched it twice and it’s still in my Movie bin, so I must really enjoy it to save it.

    But then again, maybe the fact that this was shot in Bora-Bora, is the main reason why I keep watching it.