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  • Nights in Rodanthe

    Posted on October 25th, 2009 brenna No comments

    Rate: 8/10

    Director: George Wolfe


    Richard Gere as Paul

    Diane Lane as Adrienne

    Can Nicholas Sparks be any more crueler? This is my 2nd movie of his book (1st was A Walk to Remember) and though I totally love him for writing it, and though I totally adore him for the plot and the whole love story, I really hate him for turning me into a tear-jerker. Did he really have to kill Paul in the end? Oh right, just like Jamie in A Walk to Remember.

    Nicholas Sparks has done it again.

    1. Richard Gere is growing old. Yet, he still has that same charm he had when I first saw him in… well, I forgot when I first saw him. But he’s still the same great actor, he holds himself, he did well.
    2. Diane Lane. Although, I don’t remember where I first saw her, she’s great. I cried in the end. She’s a good actress. She brings in good emotion and I really felt for her and I hated Nicholas Sparks for killing her happiness like that.
    3. It’s by Nicholas Sparks. Come on. The master of such tear-jerkers. I love him. Totally.
    4. It’s a very inspiring, very sweet and romantic love story. It has a good plotline, it was real and it was sad.

    I recommend this movie for everyone who loves romantic movies, love stories and anyone who wants to cry. Beautiful movie, beautiful story.

  • Passengers

    Posted on October 25th, 2009 brenna No comments

    Rate: 4/10

    It wasn’t bad. Really. I love Anne Hathaway and the guy was totally hot. I just didn’t really get the plot. Yeah, they had some kind of 6th Sense going or whatever, and I really didn’t get it. I had to read some of the spoilers online to finally get it. There are perks though.

    1. Anne Hathaway. A great actress, beautiful, very fun to watch. Any movie with her in it, you’d totally enjoy. She did well, I didn’t expect her to do so well, I didn’t think it was a thriller-suspense kind of movie. I’m so used to her being such a pretty princess, a high classed hot girl like in The Devil Wears Prada and all that, but she did a really good job. She’s got emotions, she brings herself and she does know how to looks scared.
    1. Eric, or whoever the guy is in real life is cool too. He and Anne had good chemistry, he’s hot, so that’s a perk.
    1. There was a semi-failed attempt at a love story but it didn’t really have any place in the plot so I’m not sure if that’s a perk, but at least it was semi-tried.
    1. I have no complaints at the directing. I think the director did great.

    So, at least there are some perks. They just needed an up for the plot. The end was kind of a shocker though. I didn’t expect her to be dead too. But beneath it all, I didn’t think it was impossible for her to be dead as well.

    It’s an okay movie. It has a finished ending and it doesn’t really leave you hanging…of course, that is, if you did understand the movie.

    It would be worth a movie night. But not so for P110 for a cinema seat.