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  • Cell phone, PDA or iPhone?

    Posted on January 30th, 2009 brenna No comments

    My cell phone died last night. It’s really sad. It just turned off. I’m going to bury her today.

    Puh-lease. =)

    I really want a new cell phone. I want something useful so that in March I could still write while going to school. I’ve been thinking of an iPhone but because the original pieces are insanely expensive, I’ve been turned off. Just a little bit anyway. I really wouldn’t want to buy a Php 40, 000 iPhone only to have it half priced in just 6 months. So I began looking at PDA’s. I’m a practical person. I’m not into iPods and iPod touch and all that crap (sorry). I just need something with a camera (I am vain, I’d need that) preferrably with 2MP or more, an MP3 player, a memory card slot (so I can raise the memory if I wanted to), wi-fi enabled, has bluetooth and USB cable (I don’t really mind, if this is not available), open line, has Microsoft Word (preferrably the latest O.S, 6.1), has internet browser and hopefully, still has warranty.

    Better if it’s in my budget which is not a lot. I’ve seen some Samsung Omnia i900 and it’s really looking good. I’ve also come to like O2 XDA Flame, Atom Life and Zest though I don’t know which is better. I’d love for an Apple iPhone, it just seems too unreasonable.

    I want a new phone. I really do.

    Help me?

  • Is it Worth it?

    Posted on January 30th, 2009 brenna No comments

    I’m not the complaining type. Really. Don’t laugh.

    Seriously. I may be the princess of all bitchiness but I don’t like being bitched at when I don’t deserve it.
    Is it so wrong to ask a question? I just asked one simple, single question and she had to bitch back at me.
    If she wasn’t my boss, I would have already told her off. I mean it. This isn’t the first time. She doesn’t even train me like she said she would and she’s already bitching at me.

    I’m summoning my patience. I’m a very patient person but when I’m summoning my patience, that’s not good.

    Seriously. I don’t even know who she is personally so I have a right to doubt her. If she doesn’t send what she said she would tomorrow, I’m totally quitting on her.
    Then I’d feel totally guilty for letting my feelings run over my work.
    I don’t care.

    I was just asking one question. Is that so wrong?
    Is the job I’m doing for her really worth her bitching at me? Gosh, she doesn’t even pay me enough.

    I’m sorry, readers probably wouldn’t understand this. I just can’t help it. It’s really pissing me off.

    Patience, patience, patience.

  • Must Watch Movies in 2009

    Posted on January 10th, 2009 brenna No comments

    There are a lot of movies coming out this year and it’s kind of exciting to think about it. I can’t wait to watch most of them and the waiting is kind of killing me now. What are the must watch movies this year?

    1. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince:

    I’ve been dying to watch this movie. I can’t believe they made us wait almost 2 years just for this. I was very disappointed when they moved the opening to this year. I miss Harry. I miss Hedwig. *tear*

    1. Angels and Demons

    Aside from the fact that I love these kinds of movies, the mystery, crime solving movies, I totally love Dan Brown. I loved Da Vinci Code and I’m hoping this would be just as good.

    1. New Moon

    I had to force myself to write this in the list. I mean it. I do love Twilight. I do love this series, but every time I think of Robert Pattinson’s constipation act in the classroom, I feel like dying of embarrassment. I don’t think I’d want to see Bella blinking so much this time either. Oh, and not to forget, I’m not excited at all to see Lautner back. I support petitions to remove him. He doesn’t stand a chance against Pattinson.

    1. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

    I totally love Shia Labeouf. Hot, hot, hot. I watched Transformers and I thought it rocked. I would love to see some Megan Fox and Shia action again. I totally dig Bumblebee as well.

    1. Up

    I think this movie rocks. I like the plot so far, and the floating house is really cute. Well, we’ll see what’ll happen.

    1. Sherlock Holmes

    Although I’m not Guy Ritchie’s avid fan, I am a fan of Sherlock Holmes. So I will watch this movie and I’ll try my very best not to cringe during the whole movie.

    1. Year One

    I don’t really dig Michael Cera, but I like the Biblical plot thingy. Original, and very intriguing.

    1. Public Enemies

    I’m not a fan of guns and shootings and all that crime crap, but I love Johnny Depp and I love Christian Bale too. With both of them in it, I just might have the strength to get off my bed and watch this in the cinemas. Or maybe I’ll just rent. Yeah, that’s a better option.

    1. The Lovely Bones

    I actually just wrote this in the list because the title was interesting. When I read the plot, I regretted writing it down.

    1. A Christmas Carol

    I love Christmas Carol. I read this once for a school paper and I never read it again.

    These are my choice at my 10 movies to see. As you probably have guessed, I’m not much of a movie fan until it’s out (of course unless it’s Harry Potter which I die waiting for every year). I usually don’t make plans to watch a movie until I’ve heard how others have rated it. But, 2009’s a new year. Who knows.