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  • New Year’s Competition

    Posted on December 31st, 2008 brenna No comments

    Tonight, December 31, 2008- January 1, 2009 was the first New Year I’ve had that was worth while. My mother was actually there, smiling and laughing with us. We sang karaoke and watched fireworks until around 3am. My dad and I went on a one on one with drinks again. I’m the strongest drinker in the family next to my dad and 4 years ago, we did the same one on one on New Years Eve, after he found out that I had learned how to drink and was drinking quite as much. Compared to the beer and the red wine we drank 4 years ago, our competition has arisen a notch. We drank Jack Daniels and Chivas Regal. My head was spinning and I was tempted to vomit at the smell of Jack Daniels but I couldn’t let my dad win. 4 years ago, he challenged me to the same one on one. And I could tell why. He wanted to know how far I could go with drinking. Lucky enough, I passed the test and we both surrendered when the bottle finished. This New Year was different. I think he was still testing me and at the same time, he wanted to prove how far I’ve gone with drinking. I wasn’t going to hide it though. I drink. A lot. I’m not an alcoholic but for a girl, I can handle myself pretty well when it comes to drinking a lot. So I kept with it. I drank, knowing he was there to watch. Until he grew sleepy and retired to his bedroom. I’m not sure how much I proved. But the liar I am, I really want to vomit. But vomiting would only make things worse. Just as long as I do not smell Jack Daniels, I’d be fine. For now.

  • Shallow Guys

    Posted on December 31st, 2008 brenna No comments

    I was reading around Friendster. A friend had commented on my site greeting me for Christmas. I always liked the girl and she was in the organization that I had workshopped 2 years ago. I checked into her site and began going through her pictures. The girl was really pretty and she kind of looked like KC Concepcion and apparently, she was in love with a guy that didn’t look that handsome (no offense). I’ve seen her pictures before and it always made me admire her for not looking for guys who were handsome and all that. I mean it, she had pictures, some edited with praises of how much she loved her boyfriend, how she wanted to be with him forever. I looked through most her pictures. Okay, that was a little secretive, I was jealous of her. I mean by the fact that she had someone she loved that deeply.

    Then I saw it. It was a picture of her boyfriend, standing alone. Like I said, the guy wasn’t very handsome nor was he much charming. I don’t know what she saw in him, but I’m not one to judge much, except I just did, but only physically. I really do admire her for loving beyond looks. Aside from that, I didn’t really care. Still, it was there, below the picture, was a comment.

    It read, “you deserve someone better.”

    I was amused. I’m not going to be much of a hypocrite here, nowadays it seemed physical appearance is an important thing too. But I didn’t think anyone would really tell that to her in such a public place. Besides, he doesn’t even know the guy, so how would he know the girl deserves someone better?

    What would make someone deserve another person? I mean, is there criteria, or a step by step formula that creates how a person can deserve someone else? I don’t know how their relationship goes, because for all I know, the guy could be maltreating the girl and the person who commented was just a friend who knew a lot. Still, it made me think. What about for other people?

    If the comment was created just because of the guy’s looks, then the person, who commented on her page, was totally shallow. I wouldn’t want to be with a guy like that. If a person can prejudge someone so easily just by the physical appearance through a picture, then that person is as skin-deep shallow. I wouldn’t want to date a guy like that.

  • My Christmas Wishlist

    Posted on December 16th, 2008 brenna No comments

    It’s Christmas again. It seems like just a few days ago when the last Christmas had passed. Last year I vowed to be a better person. I don’t think that worked very much. I don’t feel like a better person at all. This year. What can I say this about this year. I lost much more than I gained. I lost some very, very important things to me. I lost the one thing I have really, really liked and I didn’t realize it until now. I guess right now I’m in mourning for it. I built everything I had into it. I blame myself for losing it. I guess that’s what they don’t understand. They’re not me. They don’t get it. They don’t have the same pressure. So this Christmas, everything’s different. I’m such a different person now I can’t even recognize myself anymore.

    1. Peace of Mind: if there was one thing I really, really want to have this Christmas it would be a peace of mind. For all those who do not know, don’t ask.
    2. To finally move on and forgive myself. Again, for those who do not know, don’t ask.
    3. A necklace. Something that would constantly remind me of what has happened this recent days.
    4. A paycheck from Odesk. Odesk is the other one thing I haven’t lost yet. If I get a paycheck from Odesk, I’d be really, really happy.
    5. Cash. I really want cash so that I’d be able to have some capital for my own line. Not really my own line, but my own design of clothes.
    6. A shih tzu. Haha. Such a far cry from a wish list. I just want something to take care of. Or maybe a companion when I’ve got the blues.
    7. Opaque tights. I want a set of them, green, purple, yellow and blue and red. Really cool.
    8. Heels. Comfy heels. I need new heels that I can wear all the time and not feel much pain.
    9. Gladiator sandals. Although the house is filled with them, I don’t have that much spare money to splurge on glads for myself.
    10. Dress. Any dress. I really like dresses now so I wouldn’t mind a new dress.
    11. A new phone. I’m not really into material stuff this year and I just want a new phone so that I don’t have to keep looking at my poor naked phone and feel sorry for it.
    12. An Iphone. I just realize how good it would be if I had this too. I could go to school and work at the same time. Although it is so expensive, I could still dream right?
  • Top 10 Or Not TV Couples

    Posted on December 12th, 2008 brenna No comments

    10. Susan and Mike, Desperate Housewives.

    Although Susan is downright slutty and horny all the time, Mike is a really good guy. They both clicked so well in the past seasons and they’ve been through so much that I really can’t get over their break up in season 5. That was a big bummer. Probably one of the reasons why I don’t watch Desperate Housewives anymore.

    9. Derek and Meredith, Grey’s Anatomy

    God, isn’t Derek THE hottie? Too bad he’s married. But anyway, he is so hot, his smile practically lights up the tv in rainbow colors. I used to really like the couple but sometimes, their relationship is so frustrating with too much drama, that one day, you’d actually wish they just shut the hell up and go their separate ways. Then again, it’s tv drama we’re talking about. It wouldn’t be any fun if they laid off each other now would it?

    8. Elle and Sylar, Heroes

    Although Elle is like this psycho bitch I don’t understand, and Sylar is like this major hot murderer, they’re like so right for each other. Both mental, both murderers, both hot. Yeah well, if you had the coolest powers, you’d go psych too right?…uh..right?
    Well, at least they have chemistry…

    7. Haley and Nathan, One Tree Hill.

    Although I love this couple and they’ve been through so much, they’re so ordinary sometimes that it’s so boring. Their plot is too predictable, of course, except this season, and they’re really perfect which is a bummer. Of course, everyone secretly hates perfect couples on TV. Okay, maybe, it’s just me.

    6. Chuck and Blair, Gossip Girl.

    Damn, these two. They have like, electricity sprawling their bones. Catty, bitchy and super cool. They’re like the most alike, but the most different. Whatever. Anyway, they got a lower mark than the next couple, because they’re not really going to get the stupid happy ending like everyone wants… or are they?

    5. Serena and Dan, Gossip Girl.

    Aaron just freaks me out. What a creep. Well, aside from the fact that they’re so compatible and Serena is like the IT girl, and Dan is super cute, they are meant for each other…but sometimes, they so don’t have hope that you wish Lily and Rufus would just get on with each other so that Serena and Dan would have to stop their little prancing about with anonymous and unimportant people like Aaron…but then they won’t have their chance anymore…too bad.

    4. Lana and Clark, Smallville

    These 2 are so meant for each other. Until of course you realize that the woman he married in later parts was names Lois and DEFINITELY NOT LANA. Well, what a bummer huh?

    3. Peyton and Lucas, One Tree Hill

    I love Peyton. I really do. Since I first started watching One Tree Hill, she was already my bet for Lucas. Guess I won, huh? Haha. I think its because Peyton is a little like me…haha! I meant the music and emo type..=p

    2. Max and Liz, Roswell

    Okay. I totally love this couple. Besides that Max is like the hottest guy (okay, maybe in the group of hottest guys), he is also such a sweet guy. You just have to love him for his strength, his human-ness, his love for Liz, his courage and bravery and his willingness to be a good person. He’s the alien version of Edward. Although sometimes, he treats Liz so bad, that if I were in a relationship like that, I’d be bailing the first mistake already. He thinks he can go into and out of her life just like that. But of course, if I was in a relationship with a hottie like Max, I’d learn how to forgive. Haha..duh. Anyway, this couple, is all about LOVE. They’re really in love and you have to admire Liz for her strength and her courage to hold on to Max. I didn’t like the ending much though. It wasn’t a happy ending, having to run away and all (at least they got married), but it gave out the realistic part that, nothing really ends “happily ever after”. Although, this may be lame, I was battling between the number 2 and number 1 spot. And I had to struggle writing this at number 2 until I realized why the number 1 couple deserved its spot more than these two. Max and Liz have a kind of love that seems so unrealistic. You don’t let anyone hurt you like Max hurt Liz, or vice versa. You just don’t. Because that means, you don’t love yourself enough to know when it’s over. Okay. Fine. Maybe I’m just a sad and depressed hypocrite. But still. And I don’t mean all the sci-fi chorva, and the alien stuff.

    1. Kris and Junior, Wildfire
    God, isn’t Junior so adorable? He’s gorgeous, a wisecrack, funny, witty, intelligent and the best part of it all is he’s got a porsche! Haha! So take that, Edward Cullen! Kidding. Anyway, Junior is like every girl’s fear. But he sure knows how to make a girl feel like she’s his. Lucky Kris. She gets him. Unlike Max and Liz, Kris does most of the hurting here. But Junior fell in love bad. So I had to wait till half of 4th season to see them back together again. They’ve got real sparks there, they can light up Manila! Honestly, such a cute couple.
    What makes them the number 1 couple though? Aside from the fact the Junior is so sweet, I think I’ve memorized all his lines by heart and Kris can be so romantic too, they’re the most realistic couple without drama being too exaggerated. They don’t go all noble to save the other from harm, or they don’t try to do crazy things to win back the other. They don’t beat around the bush, they have realistic situations and really sucky but interesting plots. They portray a couple that could be real.

    On the other hand, maybe I’m just biased. Haha.
    You should watch wildfire. The best tv show ever. Good for families too.

    Just an additional. I also left out some couples that could probably make the cut with a little more work.

    1. Izzie Stevens and Alex Karev, Grey’s Anatomy.
    Alex is so the bad boy! But he’s a good guy. And Izzie made him become that. Until one day she starts seeing the stupid dead Denny again. Don’t get me wrong, Denny is cute. But come on? Hello? Give the plot a rest! And we all thought it was a little close to reality until we realized that ghosts are a part of that reality now too. If Izzie doesn’t stop seeing that Denny in their stupid plot of a tv show, I’d rather she get sacked or died in the show or something. Alex changed so much for her. She better not ruin it.
    2. Jess and Rory, Gilmore Girls.
    Although I love these two, they didn’t make the cut due to lack of exposure. Okay, fine, I forgot about them. =(
    They have chemistry though which is good.
    3. Joey and Dawson, Dawson’s Creek.
    They’d cut it if ONLY they had given Dawson’s Creek a better ending. Come on! They lead people to think that Joey and Dawson are meant for each other, the best for each other and all that, and then in the end, she ends up with another non-hot guy? How lame is that?
    4. Piper and Leo, Charmed
    Such a good couple. I also forgot them.
    5. Spike and Buffy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
    The chemistry is undeniable. Spike is such a hottie I don’t know how Buffy says no to him. Again, I forgot about them.
    6.Marissa and Ryan, The O.C
    Although these 2 totally deserve to be in the Top 10, I can think up a reason why they don’t deserve to be there. They were never actually together. Every episode of the O.C has been hanging if they’d still be together the next episode or not. And sometimes, even if the dumbest idiot can tell that they’re about to break up, it just breaks the heart of every single girl out there. Well, duh. So what if they’re soulmates? She dies anyway.
    7. Seth and Summer, the O.C
    What chemistry! I just love their humor. Like the other 2, I forgot them.
    8. Michael and Sara, Prison Break
    Michael is the heat of Prison Break. I just love him. I didn’t actually forget them. I just don’t watch Prison Break anymore. I think they overextended the series too much that it’s now too boring to watch.

    I realize that I’ve just created a new list. Maybe I should rethink my top 10.
    Well, I’ll be thinking up my next list. I should do the worst tv couples huh? So I could say a lot of mean things about them. Haha.