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  • Earn Money Without Knowing!

    Posted on May 20th, 2008 brenna No comments

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  • Silence

    Posted on May 18th, 2008 brenna No comments

    I just finished watching this Taiwanese series called Silence. At first, this series only interested me because the lead actor was the hottie from Meteor Garden and Mars, Vic Zhuo. It even took me quite some time to actually have the interest to watch it. I started watching just one night ago. I skipped straight to the final episode. My eyes were puffy and I was sniffing already.

    The story was about a girl who was traumatized and became mute. She met a boy who had a broken bone. He talked and befriended her and unknowingly, in the 1 week span, they had developed their 1st love. 13 years later, they meet. The boy was mean, had a girl friend and even had plans to bulldoze the home of the girl’s friends. They didn’t recognize each other then. But when the boy finally came to his senses and realized that the girl was the girl from his past, he was also diagnosed with liver cancer and had only 3 months to live. So of course, they did a little chasing, beating around the bush, the guy tempted to leave the girl because he was afraid, the guy pretending he didn’t love the girl. But thank God, the storyline was straight forward, they got together. The girl didn’t know he was dying but they lived together.

    At the end, the guy went to the swimming competition of one of their friends, the girl arrived, and with her love and passion and anxiousness and fear, she called his name. She called his name and she told him she loved him. They were supposed to hug, but he fainted and fell into the pool. She saved him, and then the guy’s friend who is a doctor came and told her of the 13 years he had pined for her. Next day when she awoke, he was wearing a white tux. He asked if she’d mind going with him to a far away place. He took her to the grassland. They sat there and he promised in the next life, he wouldn’t leave her so early. Then slowly, he died in her arms. He died.

    I can’t help crying. I think it was one of the most beautiful love stories I have ever watched. Although I was rooting for a miracle that maybe he’d live or something, it was a very enchanting ending. Is enchanting the right word? I can’t even explain it. There’s just something in the story. A hope that sparks, a hope that there really is true love.

    As sappy as I am, I never really strongly believed in true love. I sometimes even thought that some marriages only stay together because of responsibilities and obligations they had. But I couldn’t deny that somewhere deep down inside me, I did know true love was possible. I just didn’t know where I’d find it. Or if there was one for me.
    I used to wonder why I loved Korean-novelas, Taiwan-novelas, Japanese-novelas etc, so much. I used to always say it was because all soap operas in the Philippines had become too predictable and sometimes came to a point were it became unbelievable corny and the story line just went around and around. I don’t know what the difference really is. Now I think I love watching those Asian-novelas is because they seem to prove true love. Some of their story lines and plots are really beautiful and give a spark of hope. They make life seem easy and yet give a touch of hardships that we really do experience in real life. They give possible situations that may connect with our life. Although some endings are completely stupid and disappointing, most have given a real touch to what life is all about.

    Maybe that’s what I liked most about Silence. Unlike other soaps, usually, when they get sick and about to die, they run away, hide and do whatever and take a mound of time, wasting their lives by themselves thinking they’ve lifted a burden on their loved ones, not realizing that them disappearing, possibly dying by themselves and making themselves even more pathetic is what’s really hurting their loved ones. I don’t really know if he ran away. I think he did. Thank God I didn’t watch that part. But I know he didn’t run very long. He accepted it. He didn’t try to fight fate anymore. He died with a smile.

    It’s such a beautiful story. It inspired me to write. Deep down inside, it sparked something in me. Maybe there really is such a thing as “true love”…

  • Job Opportunities

    Posted on May 15th, 2008 brenna No comments

    It’s been awhile since I’ve started looking for ways to get money. I had problems at home and then that’s when I thought I ought to start looking for a job so that I wouldn’t be much of a pain to my parents. I wanted to support myself for studies and while studying. The first thing that came into my mind as a job was a call center agent. I’m good in English orally and written so I didn’t think it would be much of a problem. Until, I finished enrollment, dahdah…and I got my schedule. I was so psyched. I had a 9am class and didn’t end too late. But I didn’t think I’d still have problems. My 1st interview had been a full time schedule at night. I couldn’t do that. I’d probably die then. My next interview was a part time. A Day shift!! BUT it ended at 10am. That sucked. Really. The first thing that came into my mind was if I had my old schedule, I’d probably be able to work there! I should have taken a later class. I had a lot of minor regrets. But I couldn’t afford to give up. So I once again, started searching the net. I found websites such as clixsense.com, emailcashpro, bux.to, neobux, yuwie and etc. These are such websites, as you will see on my fave sites, are sites that pay an amount for every click on a website, 30 seconds view.

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